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Integrating technical solutions for business operations requires a skilled cross-functional approach that verifies critical needs for customers, employees, and algorithms. Let us provide the framework to successfully deploy your solution.

Data & Software Services

EEVET supports a software design paradigm that utilizes open-source tools for rapid solution development over developing strictly proprietary Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Software (COTS). Many of the functions required for cutting-edge solutions already exist and the important tasks become selecting, integrating, and deploying the right ones. Our semi-cots approach allows us to implement lightweight custom template solutions with tried and true technologies. Read more about our team, the services we provide, and common issues we’ve solved below. 


Team Leads
Ben Hodge: Product Owner
Ridge Cooper: Scrum Master
Amanda Martinez: Market Analyst
CDS Alex Massey: Ph.D. Statistics
CTO Thomas Alcala: MS Computer Science

Legacy Platform Modernization

When time and effort to use or maintain a platform begins to interfere with its purpose it may be time to think about updating your platform. EEVETs experts will use best in class industry standards to update programs and software with well maintained programming languages, libraries, and technologies.

Check out this article from Netflix about their update to GraphQL.

Research & Solution Dev

Sometimes additional research is required before moving forward on...

03 Products &

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